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Stoudt Realty LLC is a small niche boutique real estate company dedicated to your (agent or broker) success. If you are tired of paying high fees to pay for someone else's "bricks and mortar" business then perhaps a virtual company is the right choice for you.

Our virtual company allows everyone to work from home utilizing the real estate tools they need to make their business a success. We offer a 80/20 compensation right away with no monthly fees. We also have an aggressive cap program that allows you to keep 90% of your commission!

  • SUPPORT - Need help uploading your listings or have questions? We are available to you to help when needed.



  • Full time management experience and assistance


  • CRM (customer relationship management tools) DID YOU KNOW that there is a great way to track all your customer and clients through the multiple listing tools. You can also generate labels, send market updates, and so much more by utilizing the TOOLS that you are already paying for through neren.  No need to reinvent the wheel or pay extra for tools you DO NOT NEED.

  • Stoudt Realty LLC allows you to work remotely from anywhere in NH. Meetings are held through zoom and by phone. No need to get dressed up to go to the office!

  • Listing agents - we funnel all of your own listing LEADS back to you

  • We answer our phones on weekends if you need our help!

  • Immediate/next day payment after closing

Stoudt Realty LLC is dedicated to helping you transition your business. We also offer confidentiality if you just want to call and talk about your options.  For full transparency we treat all agents the same and give everyone the same split. 

Feel free to call Lori at 603-320-2455 if you would like to explore your options and start earning more of your commissions today!

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Lead generation tools for buyers are readily available and offered by numerous experienced websites that know how to bring qualified buyers and sellers to you.  If you are paying high listing lead referrals to the company you are working for or paying an exorbitant monthly fee then why not talk to us about how you can pay less and use some of the lead generation tools.  There are many available lead generation programs that cost less and don't consume a large chunk of you paycheck!

  • Errors & Ommissions Coverage/Insurance

  • DOT LOOP - Stoudt Realty uses dotloop for files on all transactions. By moving to Stoudt Realty LLC you will not lose your dotloop account. We can help you get set up to continue to use dotloop.